60fps sticky


since the last game versions 1.50.x onwards, my pc sticks to 60fps. On previous versions the fps rate was way higher, 130fps in watopia.

Is it only my configuration or does anyone else has this effect?

Windows 11 nvidia 4070.

What antivirus are you running

Defender, which hasn’t changed

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It was just a thought if it had been any of the others, I’d have suggested to going to Defender

I’m not sure what might have changed, but the general advice for Nvidia settings should be checked. If you join the Facebook group “ZPCMR” and click on the Files tab, there is a guide called “Nvidia Driver Settings” that you should read and compare to what you have in the Nvidia control panel.

Mine also does this. Used to get much higher fps, now I am 60 or just below. Have a Ryzen 5 and a 3070.

I am not a user of Facebook

That information is only available on Facebook, though you may get some other commenters here who understand the best settings for Nvidia. You can also wait for 1.53 which will supposedly include some improvements.


This is know, and affect many people with good pc’s. Since 1.50 Watopia is as cpu bound as Makuri. My fps has droped 15%. It helps a little do disable video screen shots.
This issue is supposed to be adressed in 1.53.

Still sticky 60 fps in 1.53.2.

Reset nvidia settings to default. Only tripple buffering enabled.

Sticky fps seems to be gone.