60 Days on Zwift. My Feedback

Hey Guys,

i bought an Elite Turno and then i bought Zwift and Kinomap Membership and now i want to give you feedback, because you asked for it in the description of this forum. And sorry for my bad english.

First, thank you. Its really a great motivation for my cycling experience in the winter. Im 41 years old and i was a very intensive computergames player in my younger years. So now i remember these times and its very nice. Your game is like word of warcraft for cyclist. 15$ is a very reasonable price for what you offer.

The new feature with steering is amazing, absolutly outstanding i cycle the last days nearly only the offroad course, because its so much fun. I hope sometime we can drive through the whole world (but of course, who dont want it, can also do that).

Iam really satisfied with your amazing software, but there are some thing i want to mention which are a little but frustrating. But although they maybe get more space in this post, i definitly very pleased with Zwift!

First little thing. It feels a little bit weird, to login, and paired devices and after that i come to my menu. First the Menü would be make more sense. Sometimes i just wanna browse through my bikes and so on. But thats not a big deal.

The most frustrating thing is, that i asked the support before, what should i buy and they said Elite Turno is a fine piece of direct trainer and i can use it. But now i realised, nearly everyone has the “lighting symbol” for real powermeter on it, and you can only patricipate in most races only with a real powermeter. Why not tell me that? I would have bought the Elite Suito or someting else. Thats really frustrating. I feel like a person of second choice, because all have the lighting symbol but not me. The Elite Turno is ~4,5% correct regarding to power. For a computergame styled game it should be enough and if not, like it is, than tell me before. Very frustrating, but u know. You did a great job!

Second frustrating thing is, there are so much mountains and hills and nearly none long flat routes. I have to circle the same 10km course over and over. Why not but a flat street of 100km in your world with some trees or whatever where i can just can get kilometres. Its should hard to implement. Maybe a 100km bridge to a next new world. Just a plain road and if you want you can add some nice trees and so on. For now its very frustrating to loose kilometres because i have to climb.

Last thing i dont understand. My setting is, i have a handy connected with my beamer for the software. And another handy for companion, which is on my bike. On the handy were zwift is running i can choose a camera perspective which is like an helicopter view. its is by far the most satisfied perspective. but on the companion app, i can choose ALL OTHER perspective, but the only one i WANT i cant choose??? Thats makes no sense for me? Why?

And its very hard to give “Ride ons” on companion. Im very pleased if another give Ride ons, but i cant managed, to cycling, and choose otherzwifters in companion, then, go to the profil, and click ride on.

So thats my feedback. Thank you for wondeful software.
best wishes samu

Welcome to the Zwift Forum.

You should try this route, it is 25km with only 83m of elevation gain. You can do it alternating between forward and reverse. Four laps should give you 100km.

To bad it’s only available for selection during events.


You are correct, I did not notice that. I sometimes do something similar using manual turns.

Here is a good link to find routes. https://zwifthacks.com/app/routes/

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I call this one A bit of the Flat roads.

I added Titans Grove for some change of scenery, and some bumps. LOL


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I got the same problem, but found a solution – use Ant+, instead of BLE. If you connect the trainer with Ant+, you will get the lightning symbol.