6 week Beginner & FTP

Hi. Just hooked up to Zwift yesterday. I wanted to check what was best as a beginner.
Should I start with the 6 week course I want to do or do the FTP test First and then the 6 week Beginner course?

Good morning,


If you haven’t used zwift before then I would suggest that you do the FTP test first. Your FTP is used in the workouts to determine at what level you should train. 

The Beginner 6 week course is a good place to start.

Thanks Gerrie. That’s great!


In the FTP test screens i adjust the FTP using the slider?  What should i be setting the FTP too when doing the FTP tests? Zero?

Hello Marcos. If you take the ftp test, either the long one or the short one, zwift will automatically adjust the ftp slider for you. Then as you progress, you can retake the test and if you have improved, zwift again will adjust the slider for you.