5th Jan, 5pm Tour de Zwift Stage 2 - No Invitation to join event

So, I’d registered for the event via the website (not via companion app).

When I started Zwift, I saw that I was registered as “joining” the event in the top right of the landing page.

However, once actually on the road, I received no invitation to join the event. I saw a number of other riders, moving along the road with the blue turbos attached to their virtual bikes.

According to the chat, I was not the only person affected. See related post about the same thing https://forums.zwift.com/t/signed-up-for-tdz-but-couldnt-join/

Any obvious reason for this?

Hi Richard,

Thanks for reporting this, there was a bug with the second stage of the Tour De Zwift. Hopefully, we’ve successfully fixed this for future events, but if you encounter this problem again please submit a support ticket here. When you do that if you would include a copy of all your log files with the ticket, that will allow us to address the problem directly.