"5 Gear 7"

Does anyone know why I have a “5” in front my Gear setting in the top left hand corner when looking at Zwift?

Re. I have a Watt bike connected to Zwift

Initially I was stuck on “5 Gear 7” and i couldn’t manually change my gears. I changed the battery on the right shifter on my Watt Bike and I can now manually change the gears. Breakthrough

However, the “5” as a prefix to the gear I am in remains. This is only on the Zwift App, not on the Watt Bike App. Does anyone know what this is? I can’t find anything available anywhere to understand.

It’s a display bug introduced in the last update. There are other posts on this.

Thanks, i’ll track these down

I think you’ll also find that your gears are now displaying as 2-23, instead of 1-22.