4k resolution with ATI cards

(Mark Minn test) #1

Can the 4k resolution option be enabled for those of using mid range ATI cards? Namely the R9 280x, R9 285, R9 380… It’s an option for the GTX 960, which is generally considered to be comparable…

(Ashley Hampton) #2

I agree.  Crossfire/SLI support would be nice too, to take advantage of additional VRAM that might be needed.

And more robust graphics options, while we’re at it?

(F lashGordon) #3

I’d like to bump this request. I have an R9 380 with 4 gigs and still can only select the 1440 resolution. I got that card so I could run the highest resolution possible on my 55" 4K tv. Please add 4K support!!

(Mark Minn HPP) #4

Nathaniel, what kind of FPS do you get in Ultra? My 2gb 380 has been disappointing.

(F lashGordon) #5

I’m getting between 55-70 consistently.