3s, 10s for powermeter users

Normalizing power would be great. It’s way too jumpy right now and it’s not awesome for structured workouts. Will this be implemented any time soon?

That is why I still train with the Garmin and also don’t look a lot on the monitor even though I would like to. If you have a smart trainer it’s not an issue. With the other trainers it’s a pain in the …

I have a smart trainer but the experience and training is more realistic with a PM and the smart trainer as the resistance control. The smart trainer watts are so off that I was getting really frustrated. I’m surprised that Zwift hasn’t commented on a thread like this because it looks like I’m not the only one who has posted something about it. Normalizing power seems like a no brainer for people who use PMs.  

Absolutely agree. I guess I’ll start using my Garmin. Even during beta this was requested, not sure why it can’t be implemented. 

It’s getting more and more frustrating that Zwift won’t follow up on this. With the app crashing issues, poor power readings, and glitchiness, not to mention the fact that we can’t opt out of the Richmond course on the weekends, is really making me rethink paying for this program.