3 hands positions device

It would be nice to have a device (similar to Zwift play controllers) to recognize your hand’s position and calculate the different needed power to cycle and have the ability to check the time in each position after riding to improve riding technique.

You know they say that there are no guarantees in life? Well I can guarantee you that this is not going to happen.


Really! Not exactly a great leap to see rider head position (more indicative about aero than hands) being measured by a handlebar sensor someday. Or something like Microsoft’s Kenetic being created to monitor full rider position. Never say never.

Better than an imagining some device that still can’t tell you your saddle it set too high or low - go see an expert bike fitter in your area. Assuming you have a power meter on your bike - you will be able to use that during the fit to see what effect your hand position will have.

Someone’s who’s trained in exercise physiology and does bike fits exclusively for their profession can guide you to a saddle / cockpit position that maximizes your efficiency / endurance / top end power and speed / ride pain-free / more aerodynamic / whatever your priority happens to be.

A good fitter will take 2 hours or more and is well worth the money spent.


For IRL, book a session in a wind tunnel.

For Zwift…well nope…on any ride I sit up for 30-45 seconds for stretching, drinking, etc… Zwift, or any indoor riding, is more strenuous due to…no stoplights, stop signs, coasting downhill, etc. Gotta keep the legs turning to generate XP!

I believe OP’s main goal was to use this for ie racing.

That there is a device which measures how aero you are, with perks in the game. If you’re on top of the bar you’re avatar is sitting up. If you’re in the drops you are more aero.

Could be a cool idea for actual tt’s. The effort feels harder in the tt-position.

I like this idea :bulb:. Could benefit my training to keep certain positions for longer times. Not al positions are easy to maintain or some are costing some energy