Video Analytics, Body Position

(Eric Eddy) #1

I’ve had this idea come to mind the last couple of Zwift rides.

Using the technology from Playstation/Xbox or an advanced capability WebCam or IP camera, to incorporate some body mecahnics into the game atmosphere. The intent of the analytics would be used capture the actual body position and possibly cadence of the user. Examples are as follows;
• Riding on the hoods (in saddle)
• Riding in the center of the bars
• Riding in the drops (in saddle)
• In the saddle
• Out of the saddle on the hoods (Climbing)
• Out of the saddle in the drops (Sprinting)
• Sitting up, hands off the bars
The analytics don’t have to translate the actual users every movement into the Zwift world, but if the large part of the computing were to reside on the users system, it could translate one of the 7 above positions into Zwift world for others to see. This would also allow the user to have some physical input to their position and impact their own aero resistance.

(Troy Rutherford) #2

I like this idea and thought it would be great to incorporate this into determining rough aero affect due to each position as frontal area changes.

(John Murphy) #3

I really like the idea of the avatar having the same body position as you.  Also, some powermeters report standing vs. seating as an alternative to a camera.

(Duane Gran [Vision]) #4

For a little inspiration about what is possible, check out what this person did with opencv about five years ago:

This would add some complexity to the system but it would also add some realism for the on-screen rider to emulate your position.