Feature Request - Web Cam Tracking

Since using a keyboard and such to interact is a bit odd. What about using a webcam to track ride movements kinda like a (WII/Connect) and then as we sit up, wave and etc, it would be translated into rider movements on the screen.

Yep, it wouldn’t have to be too complicated, just train it the 3 hand positions and water bottle usage.

It could also be used to adjust position in the drops vs hoods vs tops as well as standing.  Neat idea.  Get really fancy and I bet it would be possible to calculate real time frontal area to use for wind resistance calculations.

+1 on that feature request, I would love it to estimate frontal area as we ride! That would also make a lot of sense for all the triathletes trying to get used to the “low” position.

Nice idea. Microsoft Kinect is no longer a thing, but something like that could be a natural for in-game controls in Zwift. Flick the elbow, wave, thumbs up, etc. Maybe some steering.