Bike Fit Testing Run

I have an idea for something that could probably go in the workout section. How about a workout that helps determine proper bike fits? It could run a few different cadences or wattage for one minute at a time, then allow you to pause and try another setting, then repeat the tests… the workout analyzes which of your runs was most efficient and helps you dial your precise fit.

That’s an interesting idea. You would probably need more than a minute for best results. I just changed my position. I think running a full test would be best.

How would one know which is better? Would you do two identical sections and compare your heart rate? Or more of a sprint where max wattage is the priority?

That’s for a bunch of software engineers to hash out. I’m spitballing.

You would need much more than just a workout. You’d want something like the Dartfish motion capture system as well. Really best bet is to see an educated professional that had invested in the proper tools and education.

That sure is a radical aero position. I wonder what the tradeoff is? Some say you lose 10 percent of your power in order to go fastest position. But watts per cda is a better guide than watts per kilogram.
Looking awesome. Did it help ?

If you spend enough time training in the position, it becomes a lot more natural and your power loss can be minimal. Usually, the aero gain is better than the watts lost but you have to find that ideal balance. This is where a professional bike fitter that also understands aerodynamics comes into play. I trust Paraic McGlynn at CycloLogic for this.