2x20 @FTP

I’ve tested my FTP with the Ramp test. The result was 176W. Today I try to do 2x20@FTP but I cant sustain this power for more than 5 or 6 minutes. What’s going wrong? I’m facing dificults in climbs too. I can do long rides, 3 or 4 hours. Some tips?

For some people the ramp can over estimate the FTP.

Take a bit of a rest set your FTP to 100 and do the short FTP test. See where you land with that.

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Thanks, for the 20 minutes free ride should I try to “guess” how much power I can hold all the time? What if I feel it is too light or too heavy after a few minutes?

Thanks again.

You can use the pop up menu at the bottom of the screen to increase the resistance or the incline button on the companion app or ± button on your kb.

You can also change gears.

Yes you guess how hard you can go for 20 min. Divide it in 5 min blocks and try to increase your power every block. Start at 150w that is my guess

Working right at threshold is very difficult. 2X20 at threshold will really cook you. You should enter these workouts very fresh with good rested legs. Do you have any experience doing structured training like this? If you are new I would suggest the following:

  1. Reduce the intensity a bit. Just going down even a few percent means you can hold the power much longer and still get almost all of the training benefit.

  2. Reduce the duration a bit. Breaks more often are ok if they help you get through these longer intervals especially when starting new.

  3. With that in mind maybe give 4X8 minutes a try at 90%FTP a couple times (32 minutes in zone). Then pick it up to 4X10 minutes the following week (40 minutes in zone). Then 3X15 minutes (45 minutes in zone). Finally 2X20 minutes. Once you have done this start to increase the intensity 92%, 95%, 98%.

  4. Dont overdo it. Threshold workouts are not done 6 times a week. Twice, maybe 3 times max. Other rides in between should be at a very low intensity, say 60 minutes at 60-70% FTP. Give a day off the bike altogether during the week prior to a hard workout.

  5. Most that train hard have a recovery week every 4th or 5th week. Lower volume and intensity during this recovery week. You should then come back from your recovery week feeling very strong both physically and mentally. Remember the hard work is stressful and you get more and more tired as the weeks add up. It is only after you recover that you become more fit and are able to push harder, longer. Recovery is key.