2nd user icon (one pc, two accounts, two Trainer)

My wife and I both have our own account at Zwift and everyone uses their own Tacx trainer, but with only one PC and one ANT + cable. We don’t drive at the same time and always have to change users when registering, each time having to laboriously re-enter email address and password and then re-couple the respective tax trainer.
Is there a solution for this? For example, can I save a shortcut for each account with the login data and settings on the desktop in order to simplify the login? I have already tried to copy the Zwift folder to the desktop and rename the Zwiftlouncher.exe 2. But unfortunately it didn’t work. Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

There are a couple of solutions.

  1. You can just use separate Windows user accounts. Then your Zwift data won’t be mixed

  2. You can use a tool as zwift-login from ZwiftHacks to setup individual shortcuts (but suggestion 1 is easier to set up)

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I use option 2 for my Wife and daughter’s pc. :sunglasses:

Thank you both. I will try it. :slightly_smiling_face::+1::wave:

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And here’s a workaround we’ve used for years: