Login with multiple users

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I am trying to make it easier to login for my wife and I. I know that there is a tool zwift-login that makes it possible.
But my wife has different trainer difficulty than I have. I’va installed zwift-preferences too, but i don’t get it fixed. Does anybody know if this is possible to have multiple pref.xml files?

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Hi, I’m going to pass this feedback along to the team and see if there’s a way to solve this. Thanks!

Since you’re referring to zwift-login I guess you’re using Windows. My recommendation would be that you use two personal Windows accounts instead of sharing a single Windows account. That way you will get your Zwift settings separated.

Would a quick renaming of pref files do the trick? Name one file ‘PERSON1pref.xml’ and the other file ‘PERSON2pref.xml’. Then before firing up Zwift, just rename the proper file to ‘pref.xml’. Would that work? Would just take a couple of seconds in file explorer.

Could knock up two batch files to rename the files accordingly and start Zwift. Run whichever one you want.

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Batch files to the rescue! (I could cook those up in DOS and save them to a floppy disc :slight_smile:) But seriously, yeah, that could work.

Thank for all the replies. It would be great if zwift will have a builtin solution for multiple login and preferences,
I am running a windows pc. My wife is not very technical, so searching and editing files is not a great ideo. But to make a batch file is a good workaround.