2023 Tour de Zwift stage 2 - orange cat icon?

I just completed Stage 2 of 2023 TdZ - I’m a Zwift newbie. I finally figure out which icon I was (red arrow) on the small in-screen map during the race, but I initially thought I was a small orange cat-face-like icon - what does this represent?

Are you referring to the one in the top right? If so, that is called the minimap. The blue/white dots represent other riders, and you are represented by the orange arrow (points the direction you are riding).

Helpful tidbit- by clicking on the minimap, you can change between closeup, 3d, and far-away views. I like the 3d one myself.

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I believe you’re referring to the icon for the yellow beacon, which normally is the leader of a group ride/workout. For TdZ this year, they’ve got four pace partners joining each ride, and one of them is assigned as the leader, so it’s indicated with that icon. (The other three have different yellow icons in the minimap, because there can be just one ride leader.)

I think this is probably what I was seeing - looks orange to me - and I look red, on my Mac. Thank you!

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