2 simple things that would make Zwift better

I’ve been using Zwift for 3 months and I love it. Here are two easy improvements that would be amazing:

(1) Display avg watts for current + completed steps of workouts. (Just like Alpe du Zwift shows it.)
(2) Sector 0 of Alpe du Zwift (from turn #1 to finish)

…and a few harder suggestions:
(3) Ability to make current watts display less sensitive (5 sec avg) during workouts so it’s not shouting “Speed up! Slow down!” the whole time
(4) Ability to show avg watts for trailing one minute somewhere in the main display (optional)
(5) Gamify Ven-Top and put a lottery at the top
(6) Don’t give choice to save ride if I haven’t gone anywhere – just assume delete and return to start screen

I’m using AppleTV Zwift on a Kickr Core.

I agree with Point most points - esp 6