135mm spacer Road bike?

Hi im just wondering if anyone is using the 135mm spacer instead of the 130mm for their road bike? My bike has a hub width of 132mm when measuring with a tape measure. When I use the 130mm spacer and tighten the qr skewer it pulls the derailleur, you can see it physically moving when clamping hence throwing the shifting way out to the point that the chain won’t drop on the smallest rear sprocket. No amount of barrel adjuster turning corrects this and I enter the limit screw adjustment to make it run. Then have to do the same when putting my rear wheel back on. It’s a pain

My rear mech does move inwards when tightening the skewer but then the gears are tuned afterwards. There should be no reason in your setup that this would prevent you hitting the 11/12 cog.
More likely your limit screw is causing the issue.