11x2 speed bike and 10 cassette Zwift turbo

Hi all,

We have just bought a 10 cassette Zwift turbo. My bike is 11x2. Will this work? I have seen a few forums re: bikes with less gears than the cassette but not with more. I also have a 9x2 bike which may be easier to adjust to a 10 cassette but would be costly to adjust the bike to a 10 speed.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am sharing the turbo with my partner so ideally would not change the turbo, and ideally would not buy a third bike!

Many thanks!

No the 10 speed cassette will not work with an 11 speed drivetrain.

This situation (one trainer with two different bikes) is something the Zwift Hub One was designed to address. It uses a single cog and virtual shifting with the Click electronic shifter. They offer a conversion kit.