vELO Races!

Thanks to the wonderful help provided by Justin Milligan, I am excited to offer competitive scratch races on Tuesdays over the next three weeks using the vELO catgorization system to fill that void you must be feeling between series of DRS (or some other series :yum:). I’d love to see you all there! There will be something for everyone before all is said and done. The races will be offered in 3 time zones:

  • Atlantic: 05:45 EST / 10:45 UTC
  • EMEA W: 20:15 CET / 19:15 GMT / 19:15 UTC
  • US W: 18:30 PST / 02:30 UTC (+1 day)

Note: Because these are scratch events, terrain handicaps will be enabled. This means that, if the course doesn’t suit your power profile, the vELO system will reduce expectations for you to compensate. Unfortunately the opposite is true as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Week 1

For week one, we are heading to the Neokyo Crit Course for 6 laps of fun for the Sprinters in the bunch. Puncheurs, Climbers and Time Trialists should try to keep the pace high to wear them out!

Atlantic - vELO Races - Atlantic
EMEA - vELO Races - EMEA
US W - vELO Races - US W