ZwiftPower - Remember search criteria when going back to search results

I often do a search, click an event to get more details and then click Back in the browser to look for other events. My search criteria are then reset and I have to do the search again.
It would be nice if the search criteria could be kept in this situation.

Same happened to me often enough that I simply took to right-clicking on the event link, or wherever I was headed in the meantime, and then “Open New Tab” or “Open in New Window”, preserving the ordering in my ZP display.

Of course, this often leads to having half my memory assigned within Win10/PC to my browser, but I eventually close the other windows. LOL.

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Hi @OleKristian

I find it easier to use Events to find events, it has very nice filter options.

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Thanks for the good suggestions. I’m aware of ZwiftHacks Events and like it for the more advanced event filtering. Opening the event details in a new tab is also a good suggestion.
It is just that these are just workarounds and I miss the rider metrics and all that ZP has to offer in that area. Switching between the two is certainly possible but not ideal.
I guess this is a problem many ZP users have experienced and fixing it would improve usability.

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