ZwiftPower not showing my second race in the Race Makuri standings

Race Makuri uses the same routes for the whole week - stage 3 starts tomorrow.

For the Tour of Makuri, you can complete the routes however you like, be it free ride, race or group ride. They are two different missions though.

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Hi yep I’m in the same boat but I can’t see which event is missing as I didn’t see the GC until after I’d done the second stage

You have stage 5 credit for ToMI and credit for the first 2 stages of Race Makuri.

There seems to be two leagues; 2022 Race Makuri and 2022 Race Makuri V2.
Neither seem to load GC standings.

I did race 2 Wednesday and it never showed up. Now no results come up at all. Wazzup?

If you’re talking about the league in Zwiftpower, there’s an issue with it and I need one of our developers to look on Monday.


That was me trying to fix it…

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Thanks James - :slight_smile:

Yes I was, and thanks. I will say that not knowing my GC position is frustrating because I can’t decide whether to run that race again.

Yep, understood. Really sorry for the frustration.

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Is it just too much data? At least the women’s results are showing up.

Fixed now.

I will add in the new stages tomorrow.


Thank you, @James_Zwift

Thanks @James_Zwift!

Bingo - cheers James.

Stage 3 added in and should update in the next 5 minutes.


Good morning James. Here we are one week later and results are still not updating timely. Did race 3 on Friday and it hasn’t shown up yet. Is it just me or some wider issue?

My bad it’s there now. Disregard my whine!

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Hi, not sure if it’s a different issue…
But for me there seems to be something off, too.
I did 3 Races and in the GC table it just shows “Events 1” Clicking the green information button suggests, they are registered correct. Showing exact date and some points. The overall table, only considers one of these three events, though.

I can see the three events…