Zwiftpower missing ToZ ride

Hi there! my first tour of zwift stage (long ride January10th - noon) doesnt show up in my zwift power profile (but does show up in the the ‘actvities’ tab). Any chance this could be fixed somehow ?

TdZ Not Showing in ZP

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My TdZ stage 2 is not showing in ZP

See Tour de Zwift 2022 Stage 2 Update - #71

Your update #71 has addressed my credit flag. However, TdZ stage 2 still does not show in ZP

I keep seeing the steer to Update - #71. This has only addressed my credit within my main Zwift account. However, it has NOT sorted the ZP issue. Stage 2 is still not recognised in ZP

awesome! sorry I didnt see this thread before. Thanks a lot!