ZwiftPower Dual Analysis errror message


i got the following error message today when i wanted to upload my 2 FIT files (484kbyte and 617kbyte):
413 Request Entity Too Large

Can You fix it?

Curious, why are you uploading two fit files? Zwift already has the .fit file from the device you used during the ride (e.g., trainer). You would then only need to upload the .fit file from your secondary power source (e.g., pedals, crank spider).

@Lin_Alan because i´m using this dual analysis service for more advanced power meter comparisons than a Zwift race, so simple. And just for info, if You are running the Zwift on an Ipad or older/slower device, the Zwift´s FIT file will be shorter (in time) than the reality (and the comparison will be inaccurate), so better to record a Zwift race with 2 head units for the 2 power sources (and ignoring the Zwift´s original FIT file). And somebody has 3 power sources so that is 3 FIT files.

but i could solve the problem, i removed the GPS datapoints (and every unnecessary datafields) from the FIT files and i could upload these smaller files already.