ZwiftPower Critical Power Issue

For example:
1 min 7.6 W/kg - 19 min 3.6 W/kg - 1 min 5.9 W/kg:
20 min = (7.6+193.6)/20 = 3.8 W/kg
Average whole ride = (7.6+19
3.6+5.9)/21 = 3.9W/kg

No one’s disagreeing it isn’t mathematically possible (albeit only likely for very short races and unlikely for 6 consecutive races of varying length), but the actual fit files from zwift are showing higher 20m peak power than the ZP 20m and average.

The average on ZP is correct but the 20m is not correct according to the fit files. The other critical power figures (15s, 30s, 1m and 5m) are also incorrect.


Taking one of those races as an example (28/12/2020 event ID 1372091), this is the difference between the power data from the zwift fit file vs the ZP critical power:

fit zp diff
15s 581 332 -249
30s 479 323 -156
60s 347 311 -36
5m 288 279 -9
20m 259 248 -11
ave 258 256 -2

The ZP analysis (set_id=94806) shows the correct power, but for some reason this is not being reflected in the ZP critical power data on my profile:

is turned into:

Hope that helps :+1:

(ZP profile.php?z=834206)


Updates are backlogged again…

Some events 10hrs not updated…

ZP is completely bollocked this morning. None of this mornings events have been populated with data. Another spin in the barrel…

Going to be super fun if this isn’t resolved tomorrow when EMEA ZRL happens! Going to be some very angry racers (but hey they’re the vocal minority so they can be ignored).

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The event pages only show start lists with the riders who signed up yesterday. For instance, the Frenchy Fuzion ride at 5am this morning, had 160 riders in the field. The event page shows 38.

Hopefully it’s deliberately offline while another fix works its way through ahead of the ZRL premier division kicking off this evening (live streaming and plenty of Zwift social media PR around that to grow the vocal minority).

I’m curious how large this vocal minority is now. I guess about 10,000 racers starting ZRL tomorrow (1,789 teams of c.6 riders per team) plus currently active zwifters who race outside of ZRL - must be a sizeable number.

We must all be wrong. According to the latest amazing implementation on the status site:



The activities appear to be flowing from Zwift to ZP (I can see rides in my Activity List page), but the Event details themselves aren’t processing properly. It also appears that Sign-Up data for future events aren’t properly refreshing.

Hey everyone, thanks for all your help in posting some events that point us in the right direction.

Just wanted to take the time to let you all know that we’re still looking into this one, and while we don’t have a definitive solution, we have a couple threads we’re exploring to ensure we get it sorted.

In the meantime, keep your eyes here and if you see any more egregious examples of this issue in particular do let us know.

We appreciate your help, really!

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So other things people have mentioned here after you prematurely closed the other thread is just being ignored, or?

Can you also look at this one for me too please.


Listen to the latest Zwiftcast from around the 1hr mark. Tells you a lot about how we have got here…


I have new weirdness …My AP for last night’s TTT is higher than my NP (if I highlight the race section on my dual recording analysis AP should be 303 and NP 309)

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I had something a bit different happening now. In this event ( I had my activity gone from blue arrow back into green arrow (ZP Fabio Madeira [TugaZRT]).

Has anyone seen that before?

Thanks everyone for the info you’ve supplied here! I’ve added it to our internal sheet of info so that we can be sure we don’t miss anything.

We’ll do our best to get this one sorted for you in a timely manner, though right this moment we don’t have a timeline.

I’m going to lock the thread for the time being since we have a good amount of info here which will help our team. We really do appreciate your help!