Zwifting in the evening after/before dinner to burn fat

I got used to Zwift right after dinner in the evening before going to sleep. I’ve just studied some hints to loosing weight, for instance this: – which suggests I am doing it wrong.

We usually eat around 19:30 and I start Zwifting between 21:00 - 22:00. I guess I cannot eat earlier because of my work and kids. I could swap it and Zwift around 21:00 and eat afterwards (I guess around 22:30). However eating that late I guess is not that healthy either. 

Other solution would be Zwifting in the morning before breakfast I guess?

Zwifting in the morning might be a good option. You might want to eat just a little bit before your workout though. Something that is a very simple carbohydrate would probably be best.  Zwifting in the morning would probably allow you to sleep better as well.

The best time to Zwift is whatever time best suits your own routine. Pay no regard to this sort of advice, the important thing is to get on and ride - in the end it’s Calories In vs Calories Out - that’s it.


Mark is right, I Zwift whenever it suits me and I managed to drop from 103kg to 73kg last year.  Eat properly and make your calories in less than your calories out and you will lose weight.


Other than not eating a heavy meal right before you Zwift, there is no preferred time/place that stands any scientific muster.

Ride On!

what/ how much you eat when your off the bike is a far bigger determinant of weight loss than time of day that you ride. 

also, weight training is very useful for weight loss. and in general. and in cycling training. its too bad I find it incredibly boring to do. 

I have found this to be TRUE, and it works for me!

But, never eat after your evening session; Higher Intensity works better than mid or low.