Which training program

hi, i am looking for a zwift training program that that is good for weight loss, i an 130KG and need to shift alot of that,

can you recommend a workout which is good for weight loss,


With no snark whatsoever: The best plan for weight loss is one that you can stick to, consistently, without getting bored or giving up.

It doesn’t even have to be a structured ‘plan’ in Zwift. You can just set a simple goal like “I am going to ride 100 miles/wk” and try to hit that goal - every week - through a combination of ‘just riding’ and 2 or 3 interval workouts (e.g. SST (short) or 2 x 15 min FTP).

The kilos will come off before you know it.


Hi Stephen,
Most experts agree, you can’t exercise away a bad diet. Exercise generally accounts for less than 20% of weight loss. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is still very important for many other physical and mental health indicators and metrics. The best way to lose weight is to examine your eating habits and make the appropriate changes based on your goals.

@Joe_Daknis_B also gives some great advice. A plan that works is anything you can consistently show up for and perform at your best. A mixture of high intensity workouts and lower intensity zone 2 work is your best bet. Don’t minimize the importance of rest days and daily stretching too. Get enough sleep at night to speed up recovery.

Focusing on your diet will give you the fastest results, set some achievable goals and crush them to keep you motivated!

Ride on!


I agree with the diet. I started Zwifting 2+ years ago, dropped about 20 lbs, but its crawled back up the past 9 months… while i still bike 70+ miles per week. Diet and Sleep is critical.

Just sign up for every workout plan like Zwift Academy or the L’Etape Mission, grab a social ride 1-2 times a week, count your calories on my fitness pal, and sleep 7-8 hours a night.

thanks everyone, yeah i have started to control my diet more, i am type 2 diabetic and my job has me sitting at a desk most of the day, so thought i would started going on zwift and get in to cycling and change my food habits, as i want to be around as long as possible for my kids.


Good luck, like yourself I’m trying to lose a little weight and also being 63 years old , just retired looking to keep active and fit. Just signed up for this 8 week training program in August so fingers crossed

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Hi Richard. Thanks. You too

I would choose some workouts like the Olympic tri prep plan and only do the workouts that feature the lower zones (blue and green), skipping the harder intervals of yellow, orange and red.
My workouts for weight loss are located here: ZwiftOff Workouts
These have to be downloaded and added to your custom zwift workouts.
It isn’t hard once you find the right file folder to put them in. ( https://support.zwift.com/de/-sharing-importing-custom-workouts-(.zwo-files)-(cycling)-r1IlCybrQ) Apollo is my most popular workout.
I hope to restart some weight loss workouts around October, possibly September. I post in the facebook group Zwiftoff.
Just do what you can and keep at it. There’s a lot of us rooting for your success.

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thanks, i will have a look for them :slight_smile: