Turbo Training and Nutrition

Hi folks,

I’m new to Zwift and smart turbo training. I’m looking for pointers in the direction of good articles on nutrition and weight loss, time of day etc. I wondering about things like is it better for me to use my trainer in the morning before breakfast or afternoon or evening etc etc I’m leaning towards before breakfast so I lose more weight but worried that this is stupid and will basically waste a lot of the effort I’m going to put in.

To give you a bit of background:
Age: 52
Weight: 17st 10lbs (248lbs 113kgs)
Height 6” 2’
Trainer: Tacx Neo 2T
I’m retired so can train at any time.

I’m starting off today doing an FTP test. I think I’m in the 120 range and intending to start a Zwift FTP training program over the next 10/12 weeks.

Any pointers to good articles for me going forward would be greatly appreciated.

This is a controversial topic, like religion and politics. Everyone has different opinions and experiences, and what works for me might not work for you. Of course you should talk to your doctor about this as well (even though most docs dont get much training in nutrition). Get referred to a sports medicine doc if available, they are more specialized for this.

My experience: I’ve only had success by reducing and eliminating refined carbs from my diet and intermittent fasting. No sugar no grains as Vinnie Tortorich would say. I was about 250 lbs too but a few inches shorter than you. I’m now down in the 195 range and have kept the weight off for over 6 years. Zwift certainly helps keep me active and motivated, but weight loss is 90% nutrition so focus on that. I usually train in the morning, fasted, but since being on lockdown I’ve been training in the late afternoon/evening. I haven’t noticed any difference in performance.

You aren’t a small person, like me, so i dont think you need to consume huge amounts of carbs and sports drinks/gels before, during, and after you ride. Let your body burn fat, and to do that you need to reduce sugar intake.

There’s tons of information about proper nutrition, some good, some terrible. Ultimately you need to figure out what will work for your unique situation, it might not be the same that works for me.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for that and yes absolutely that was my problem. I tried searching the net for answers and got a complete conflicting myriad of answers.

I’ll look to do what your suggesting. I’ll speak to my practitioners when I see them next week. I think it’s about time to resurrect my paleo lifestyle.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer. See you on the skinny side!!!

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