Zwifting in shed with no direct power


Due to limited space in the house, I’m looking into using the shed at the back out the house to setup my Zwift station, only problem is has no direct power.

I’m considering using an extension lead, however, this may be pain running it out of the house each time.

Has anyone done anything similar? Using a power band perhaps?

Tacx NEO - no power needed.

Stick a Tacx Tablet Holder on your handlebars, use an iPad. If your ride would exceed the run time of the iPad, plug it into an external USB powerbank.

Unfortunately, I already have an Elite Suito which requires a power supply

I’m using a portable powerstation (got the tip from DC Rainmaker), this exact one, but you can find similar ones from about 200€ upwards on amazon. Smart trainers actually don’t use that much power, so a full charge from this one is good enough for 20+ hours of Zwifting.

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don’t forget about fans!

Cheering and clapping doesn’t stop you sweating. :wink:


If you use a laptop, you want to be plugged in and not run on battery.

I used to use an extension lead with a 4g extension plugged into it to power trainer, apply tv and 2 fans. Worked fine apart from being bit of a pain so got power fitted. Only thing to mention is when using an extension lead to run out all the cable, don’t leave a load coiled around on itself as it can overheat