Zwifters Let's Show Our Support For Our World Heroes

To show our support and gratitude for our world heroes, how about a set of kits or jerseys, open to all Zwifters, designed to thank our world heroes - for example those in medical community, firefighters, EMTs, teachers, grocery and transportation/delivery personnel… It could be a Maltese cross on a red jersey to thank firefighters, the Star of Life on a blue jersey to thank medical workers, etc. It would be an exciting way for our Zwifting community to show appreciation to these world heroes.

Maybe add a donation element to this idea. Donate $1 or $5 (USD or equivalent) to unlock the “Heroes Jerseys” with the proceeds to support COVID-19 charities.

I am confident the development team at Zwift could come up with insightful designs to make this happen. Thanks for your consideration and I appreciate your support! Pete

Outstanding idea!

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Thank you. Appreciate your support! It would be cool to see these thank you jerseys out on the course!!

Something like this.

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This is great thanks. I am thinking different jerseys or kits, open to entire community via the garage, to wear during any ride. I like the donation aspect. Maybe donate a dollar to unlock the jersey selections. Thanks for sharing your link.


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