Zwift Women's Academy

I wasn’t here for last year’s Academy. I have done the harder workouts from '16 Academy and liked it a lot. But this is different. There’s so many more racers, especially top riders. The competition is tough, for sure. The group rides were lots of fun. (I did jump in a guys sprint ride and it was a faster pace but nobody talked much at all.(So typical) I managed to beat a good number of guys on the London sprint too. Woo Hoo!)

Win or lose, I will be following the finals closely. I peaked in my sprinting before this event and have increased my endurance as well despite a few sick days. The workouts are great, especially being only 7 after the FTP test.

Thanks for this amazing opportunity. I may not be top 3 material, but I am fighting for whatever I can get, top 10, races, workouts.

You had me at “pre-registration”.

It’s been a wonderful ride! #CampKoblenz