Zwift vs TrainerRoad virtual power.

I have noticed a huge disparity between my trainerroad virtual power and Zwift zpower. I have a cycleops Magnus and at 20 mph wheel speed Zwift says I’m putting out 300 watts and trainerroad says like 210 watts. Anybody else notice this issue. Whose power curve is right?

I mean cycleops magneto dumb trainer

I’m having the opposite issue. My power numbers are consistently 20-30 points lower with Zpower than my TR virtual power. I have a KK road machine,  I verified this by  running TR off my phone and Zwift on the computer. So, I can use the Zwift training programs. I guess I could do an FTP test on Zwift to see if I register a lower FTP.

I have the same problem. Have you found which one is the most accurate?