Zwift Spring Training 2024

Zwift Spring Training is back for 2024!

Zwift Spring Training is an achievable 6-week campaign that is designed to make your outdoor riding better. It’s convenient, free from traffic, stop lights, unsuitable terrain, and distractions. Did we mention it’s efficient and it works? It’s a win-win! For those not in the Northern Hemisphere, Zwift Spring Training is here to help you maintain your winter goals!

Registration for Zwift Spring Training will open on April 8, 2024 @ 15:00 UTC and close on June 1 @ 06:59 UTC. You can register for Zwift Spring Training here, through Zwift companion or the campaign tile on Zwift.

Zwift Spring Training will officially start on April 15, 2024 at 09:00 UTC and end on June 2, 2024 @ 04:00 UTC.

Just like before, you can sign up to complete each stage as a group workout or head over to the workout collection to complete any stage on-demand individually.

This year, we will also have a Workout Worksheet, that you can print to track your indoor and outdoor rides throughout the campaign. Outdoor rides will not count towards the campaign progression or unlocks.

There will be new amazing unlocks to earn throughout the campaign! You can unlock the Zwift Spring Training cycling cap @ 17% campaign completion, the Zwift Spring Training sunglasses @ 50% completion, and the new 2024 Zwift Spring Training cycling kit at 100% completion.

Want to learn more about Zwift Spring Training, click here to check out the main page or here to check out the FAQ.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger :joy: see it as a warm up session for the spring ride. Cheers and ride on :muscle:

As if I need more pain in my life. I’m already married. JUST KIDDING!!!

‘Want to go out to dinner tonight?’ Can’t, gotta ride…

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I did the 4th Sprint Training workout and, after finishing, I immediately selected another cooldown workout.

Now the Spring Training workout had not been credited… Anyone know this issue?

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