Zwift ramp test

I use a Wahoo KickR and calibrate weekly. Today I did the Zwift ramp test and the result was an unlikely FTP of 50 W higher than expected. How reliable is this test?

The only true FTP test is to do a 60 minute all out effort.

All other tests has some pro’s and cons. You should not mix and match tests and expect the same results.

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i asked a similar question a few months ago, and here’s where i’ve landed.

the ramp test seems to score you higher if you are better at short intense efforts than the other FTP tests do. the results from different tests are definitely not comparable – but the reason you want a higher FTP is to make workouts challenge you effectively.

so, in my opinion, your new FTP number is correct if you are still able to complete workouts. if you are having trouble completing workouts, though, then it over-estimated your FTP, and you should either lower it manually or go do a different FTP test.

there is a bit of a mental game going on here – getting the test to give you a higher FTP might actually improve your performance; since you now think you are faster, your brain lets you put out more effort!

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Listen to this podcast for a good discussion on the different FTP tests.

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Thanks for your answer that makes sense. Perhaps then I have to do another 20 or 60 min FTP test, even though I hate them. I first will increase my FTP in Zwift for 25 W for the workouts :grinning:

Okay thanks for your answer

Clear, podcast gave me some more answers!