Zwift power put me in cat b when I'm a cat d

I’ve been using zwift for about a month and tried my first crit. I’m 66 years old 200 lb cat d who rides at 2-2.5w/kg. I registered for the race as cat d but zwift power put me in cat b which makes no sense. I emailed support and was told that Schwinn ic4 often reports high power. But the power numbers I see in the app are consistent with me being in cat d so that doesn’t seem to be the issue. Any suggestions?

Suggest you link to your ZP profile page.

1- try doing a FTP test
2- get linked profile on zwift power

should help and put you in the correct category.

According to Zwiftpower, you are a Cat C @Paul_Schack

7 of your 9 events are TdZ rides where the category selects a course, not the Zwiftpower racing Category. Cat D in these are the Womens Only rides so it should be impossible for you to select those. 1 of the 9 you entered was a Fondo and you entered Cat C which was a course selection, not a ZP race Cat. And one event that was a race where you entered Cat B when you should have entered C.

You can accidently enter the wrong Cat in an event when selecting the event from within Zwift app when starting a ride (buttons close to each other), but I’d suggest that when you have joined an event, you check your event Cat in the top right of the screen (when in the start pen) and if in the wrong cat, leave the event and use the Companion App to select the correct Cat. Zwift will immediately pop-up a “Join Event” button and it should then be the correct Cat (leave enough time to do this!).

Not saying you dont have a problem by the way, so let us know how it goes for your next rides/races.

Thanks for your explanation and suggestions.

Thanks. I’ll try that