Zwift Power displaying wrong information

I have noticed lately that when I switch between different camera views on the companion app, after a while I either jump out of the course or event I’m in. I remain on the same course but the system doesn’t recognize it. That leads, for example, that if I ride on a new course for the first time, the system doesn’t acknowledge it even though I rode the whole course. One tell is that the direction arrows on the companion app appear. They are always hidden whilst doing an event.

Today I did the Big Spin to win stage 4 at 10:15 CET 1/4/2024 and my total was around 45 minutes. That time included the cool down. However when I log on at Zwift Power, my time is displayed as 55 minutes. This is very strange as I only ride 45 minutes in total.

Any suggestion on what’s going on?