Zwift Power Category

Hello. I am really confuse about the Zwift Power Category. Can someone explain it to me?

I was racing today, Crit City Race, signed up at C group. I got a ‘nice’ message saying I am too strong, we’ve lowered your power, etc etc and basically pretty much kicked me out of the race. I’d like to know why I got that message when I am, according to the Zwift Power Historic Category, I am a C (Mixed) and B (Women). I therefore signed in the C group. As much as I like to be too strong, it’s never that case! I had to put some power down in order to stay in the group. Isn’t that what everyone has to do to, either win, or least not the last person? Just because I put out 267w for 13 minuscule seconds, doesn’t mean I can do that for 30 mins!

Anyways, so on Zwiftpower, under my name, I have C and B under Minimum Category. What did I do wrong? I can’t be B (the first letter) as my FTP is not 200w!

You probably didn’t do anything wrong. The anti-sandbagging controls in Crit City are pretty poor.

Take it as a compliment and avoid those races if you are often triggering the anti-sandbagging.

Same happened to me a wk or so ago so I went into B pen I think it happens on the “future works”city crit races, I think C is ok for woman B/C mixed in the NON future work s crit races

Thanks Steve!

Hey there. Yeah it was the Future Works Steering Crit Race. I can’t really do the Steering but thought I’d join. Oh well…instead I did another Crit Race but this time I joined the B. I didn’t think I belong there! :crazy_face:

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By the way, lighter riders often trigger these anti-sandbagging controls when they’re perfectly within category limits. So quote often teenagers hit a similar problem. It seems to just look at w/kg while not looking at overall watts too.

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