Zwift Play side buttons don't work

I just started using my zwift play controllers and generally they work well. But the side buttons don’t have any effect on workout intensity. I feel them clicking but nothing changes on the screen. Is this a known issue? I haven’t seen anything about it in the forum. Any fixes out there? I’ve tried resetting the devices or, “calibrating them .”

do the other buttons all work okay?

I use mine to change workout FTP% and it all seems to work fine.

yeah, the other buttons work fine.

I sometimes have to press twice to get it to work and pressing nearer the top of the side button seems to have more success but generally they work as expected.

According to Zwift support, the side buttons only work in ERG mode. I was trying to use them to increase or decrease wattage targets in a workout, but not in ERG mode. To change the wattage targets, you have to go into the main pop-up menu and use the top buttons on the controller.

that’s weird, all the side buttons do in erg mode is change the target so i’d have thought it would still move the target but you’d need to just hit the target manually, not let the trainer hold the wattage.

if you click the + or - under the segments on the workout panel down the left when erg mode is off does that change anything? that is all the side buttons do when it is on.

I can change the wattage targets in the main pop-up menu, no problem. But not with the side buttons.