Zwift partnership with Finnish physical activity benefit money Smartum

In Finland we have a very common system where company/employer pay some amount of extra money to workers. It’s not salary, but an extra money dedicated to used only for developing your physical skills/activity. You can for example to pay your montly gym membership. Amount is typically 150 euros /year or even more.

Money is paid to some partner company (for example Smartum) and then this Smartum company will make contract with gym/swimming hall/Zwift/etc to deliver payments to the individual companies. I personally get “Smartum money” and I’d like to use it to pay my Zwift year/montly subsription. So I ask, could you please contact to Smartum. Links cannot be added here, so the address will be found in smartum and the dot and f and i. Then add /en to find English version of page. Then Zwift could be added to list of companies who can receive payments from Smartum. This is not a small amount of users. In Finland we have 700 000 people receiving this Smartum “well being/physical activity benefit” money from companies. And there are also some other choices. But I am not asking Zwift to contact these, because my personal interest is in Smartum. My own emplyer will deliver my “physical activity money” to Smartum.

Probably too little added revenue for a significant amount of work, I don’t think any similar schemes in substantially larger markets are supported either so wouldn’t get my hopes up…

Anyway, here’s the link:

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You’ll probably have better luck asking your employer to reimburse you for the Zwift membership, rather than Zwift partnering with Smartum.

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Asking my employer to reimburse. No. It will not happen. Never.
There are 700 000 users of that benefit here. So rough estimate would be there is 50 000 000 dollars/euros every year there to be used. And they have very modern ways how to make payment. It’s up to Zwift whether they want to make a contract. It’s not about codin a new software.