Zwift=One big sprint

Me too. What confounds me is how nearly half the B riders finish ahead of me, yet I’m required to enter A.

After browsing result and profiles, I’m starting to get the notion that many people are good (content?) at cruising just below the A threshold. I also suspect many of them are heavier (truthfully or not), which keeps their W/Kg down.

I frequently finish last in A. To improve, I’d have to do a lot of targeted training. I get it… and so be it. I just wish the Cat formula would pull more data than just the top 3 in the last 90 days. That really skews things. A better sampling and I’d be in B Cat.

Check out racing on RGT. It’s far less of a threshold effort. B cat riders can compete with A+ Cat riders

RGT is a good idea. I have the app and program installed but haven’t really explored it. Seems like not quite enough users yet, but I’m sure I’ll look more closely at it soon.

you compare omnium (indoor) with outdoor?
even a 5 year old child knows that indoor is no wind while outdoor is … so dont compare indoor with outdoor to compare it with zwift later …

Do you know the equation? or do you believe? the kreuzotter equation is all you need together with some magic sling shot drafting bogus:
www kreuzotter de/english/espeed.htm

How many is enough? It’s certainly growing. Obviously not at Zwift levels but there are regular events of 50+ riders and a few of 100+

Certainly enough to make it a race.


You must not read many threads on these forums.


thank you funny that this applies to all even though posting and reading for years …

That’s encouraging. I’ll take another look at it - thanks.

I’m pretty sure, nobody would say that in Zwift you willbe a cheater if you get “fattier” some kilograms up…

Try it, and then come back to tell all the people how was the experience… even on the flat. Nothing to say about hills, as everybody also in real life knows.

If there is some flat and descents, just as IRL.
In fact, every other (Rouvy, Bkool, Fulgaz…) have more realistic physics for the not-short&light riders.
But still they have not much riders, that’s the only thing Zwift has, a BIG number of riders…

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Sorry for the bump.

Just wanted to say that my ranking have improved but I am also realizing a thing. To get a really low ranking on Zwift you need to master the crits. Even the 1 (atleast he was, don’t know about current standing) on Zwift said that he avoids hills. Which I find sad as ■■■■. I don’t know but someone have to make hilly races with good rankings. I know you want it or do you? Is that the problem?

I do realize that Zwift involves a lot of tactics and the best of it places the best but gives us some hilly races with good rankings. I sat and looked the the wolrd series and it seems like they doesn’t have any hilly races. I can’t wrap my head around why this is the case.

I would however want to say that it would be very good for Zwift to do so, the pros could come into Zwift and get good rankings directly, not have to grind tactics for years to place good. And if the pros places highly it will be taken more seriously.

They should split A and A+. In real world racing though it’s the same. P/1/2 are all lumped together, sometimes even with 3’s in there. Imagine being a strong B rider and a pro team shows up and you race with them lol.

Today Fabian Cancellara will try the Zwift physics.
Old topic: Fix physics simulation on the flat - #89 by Susun_Corda

Hope somebody ask him about the old topic.
One of the best (if not the best) all time time trialists and flat roller.

How many hours a week do you spend in the gym doing leg press etc? Interval training?
Riding your bike in 54/11 gear for 20 min? Do you? I can sprint about 1200 watts in zwift and i generally place in our outside weekend ride ( which has a sprint at the end) i have been lifting weights for 37 years! Do you take creatine, beta alanine, beet juice powder? 150 grams a day of protein? I mean you weigh 141lbs rt? Do you think top pro dorinters weigh 141lbs? Eat workout train

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Hi funny you mention beta alanine and beet root, I read today that the former increase surges with 11% at the end of a ride. And strengthtraining I know it improves power, I did strengthtrain and my power was better than, I also weighted more but after years of improvements I think that my sprint haven’t followed.

Let me try all of them.

When Zwift fix also the pack dynamics, maybe can be possible doing breakaways. Today, even if there is no well organized teams pulling strongly in the front of the pelotons, is really difficult to see one.
I raced more than 200 times and only once, an 8 riders breakaway could go appart and reach the finish line.
In that breakaway it were 2 riders on zPower putting around 500W and almost all the rest were A+ category riders with around 100 points ranked or less.
And in the packed peloton most were B riders and around 300-400 points ranked or more.

This has nothing to be with IRL situations, where if there is not any team controlling peloton and pulling, races are crazy with many groups.
In Zwift is extremely rare unless race finish is at the end of a quite big climb.

Breakaways are rare.

You don’t see breakaways in Zwift races because typically Zwift races are full-on sprints from the start.

You don’t see breakaways in pro races either where the peloton is going at the max.


If you aren’t so superior that everybody else effort is your z2. But even then you need a sprint at the end but easier doing high wattage if you haven’t hammered yourself. When I was worse than I am today I couldn’t even raise my wattage at the end.

That’s why I am going for the supplements, in the studies they have seen improvements in sprinting at the end of a ride.

But yeah my initial conclusions stands: if you want to do good on Zwift you better be good at sprinting. With a good sprint you can eat away on the ranking like it was a buffet. Just go for the critraces, everybody loves a highly ranked critrace in Zwift.