Zwift not uploading Screenshots

So since a month or so I have this following issue:
Zwift will save Screenshots locally on my PC in the stamdard folder but it won’t upload any of them with my activity. When I end a ride I can choose to save sceenshots. I would do so but then, the activity would be saved without any of them. The problem seems to be with Zwift as there are no pictures in my activity on the ZwiftCompanion App not on my activity on Strava.
I tried the following:

  • updating PC app and ZwiftCompanion App, now on latest version
  • clean reinstalling both
  • refeshing connection to strava
  • choosing all “upload pictures” options in PC app settings
  • different network connections when zwifting and saving the activity

All to no avail.
Pls hlp!
Thanks in advance!

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