Zwift not recording AVG Power during runs

Zwift is not recording my average power during runs. When I download these runs as a fit file and then attempt to upload them to the Stryd PowerCenter they do not show up in my Stryd history.

If I run without Zwift, the power is recorded normally and the Stryd PowerCenter works normally.

This is a recent change, and I don’t know what caused it or how to reset it.

My hardware is a Stryd footpod, Apple TV, and a Garmin Forerunner 230 watch.

Any ideas!

As things currently stand, the only metrics that should be recorded in your fit file for Zwift runs are Speed, Cadence, and Heart Rate (assuming you use a heart rate monitor). You’re not going to see any Power or Wattage metrics because as I understand it, that is not part of Zwift running. w/kg is something exclusive to Zwift cycling and won’t be found in Zwift running.

If you saw something like an “average Power” in Zwift running previously, it was likely not an accurate or trustworthy metric and has since been removed from the game. 


see the same here :( 
before the power from running was recorded in the .fit file and synced to Trainingpeaks and other platforms but now it is impossible to get those data out anymore 
should be easy to open for that data to be recorded again