Zwift no support intel?

Here is what I was told regarding my game crashing in the past week. Laptop worked for past 8 mos. My laptop “became” an unsupported device I suppose. Anyone else seeing this?

I took a peek at those files to see what might be causing this, and I noticed the laptop you’ve got is running the latest Intel Iris graphics hardware. The reason this makes me think this is a problem is because we’re currently aware of crashing back to desktop and general unresponsiveness being an issue for some member’s running newer Intel graphics, and are working on a fix. I’m afraid to say though that there isn’t a known work-around for this issue as of yet, and due to the nature of software development its hard to say when this will be resolved. No worries, the fix will come from our end though and all you should have to do is keep your Zwift app up to date. In the meantime though, i’d recommend checking out our [supported devices page​​​ as we do support a number of other devices you may already own that you could Zwift on uninterrupted.

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