Zwift needs the equivalent of a “Pokemon Go Plus” hardware accessory

I’ve already got a Satechi Bluetooth remote control that’s great for music: Bluetooth Media Button | Perfect for Cars - Satechi

For context, here’s what the PoGo crowd has:

A theoretical Zwift Companion remote could have hard-wired buttons but ideally would be updatable and touch screen like some of the PoGo options. I’m thinking “Ride-On” that does the same as clicking the white circle on your avatar, dropping ride-ons, one for camera view, screenshot, maybe contextual buttons for direction changes.

Honestly, given how excruciatingly slow changes happen in the Zwift environment, I doubt this will ever happen but we can all dream.

You know, you could just use your media control remote for that instead… Instructions e.g. here:

Cool, but only seems applicable to Windows PC users of Zwift; Android, AppleTV, iOS/iPadOS and MacOS users are SOL so this isn’t a solution for a lot of people.