Zwift level - is it a measure of your level?

I believe level ranking taken from the number of hours you have done is more like your “Zwift age”.
I would like that zwift level were something you have to work to grow and keep it. It should involve the number of miles you make in a period of time. It also have to include the watts you generate.
Hope you can consider this and get two different parameters: “Zwift age” and “Zwift level”.

Your FTP will ebb and flow depending on how much you train or not.


Yeah, as Fez says, FTP or W/kg are your “level”.

Or if you want something else, your ZwiftPower ranking.

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Thanks for your response!

Thanks Daren!

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The Zwift level is your experience in the indoor world and is no indication towards your fitness or “Zwift Age”.Its a way to earn additional gear/kit so it makes perfectly sense how you get leveled up. It’s something everybody can achieve. (You just have to ride, the more, the faster you get through the levels. ).