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Races announced for upcoming 22nd June '24, using new expansion routes.

Further tweak of pen allocation, for this weekend there’s VO2 and zMAP (Watts) thresholds, which should push numbers towards pen A and make pen E be a battle for weaker racers than previous weeks.

Race 1 at just under 7.5Km could be a huge challenge for pen E to complete and join race 2 pen in time, with practically no recovery time.

Anyone with recent power data unable to join any pen, especially due to their zMAP?

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Looks like they’ve fixed this one. Forced into A grade on zMAP, my VO2 would have me at the bottom end of C. Races 1 and 3 might be OK if I can hang on at the start.

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It’ll be interesting to see what category @Bath_Salts gets put in this week. Surely not E again, but maybe just staying in D. VO2max and zMAP both rely on efforts over 5 minutes.


Crikey, I’ve gone from old Cat D, to Cat B! Well that’ll be a challenge!

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i will go look and update this later @Tom_Shelton it look like C

Any ideas why the tiny race results pull through to out of order?
Zone 3 has got results for race 1 and 4, but 2 and 3 are still pending. Same thing happened about a month ago.

I didn’t pay much attention before the weekend, but did race 4 only being ~1.2Km affect things, given rides need to be at least 2Km to save normally?

Tiny Races have done numerous ~3Km races up the early bit of Ven Top, so a bit odd why race 4 was so short… Unless it was a trap to potentially give a limited number of racers a higher zMAP/zVO2 score if they took 5mins+, potentially giving them a pen promotion if limits stay the same next time?

There was no risk of that. I was so tired, I could hardly turn the pedals :face_vomiting::tired_face::rofl:

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No apparent tweaks to last weekend’s pen allocation system looking at zVO2 and zMAP Watts.

This weekend (29th June '24) it’s a quartet in Scotland.

@Steve_Clowes next week, Racing Score enabled in Zwift Labs events [July 2024] tiny races are listed


Rerun of the first week’s races from 100 weekends ago, but this time with five pens and Racing Score pen allocation.

A quartet for the sprinters on mostly flat courses.

My brief moment of being at the top of a category (only 2W below the zMAP limit for C cat) is over. At least I got an overall series win out of it. Oh well, back to being cannon fodder I guess.

July 13th quartet has a decent mix of route profiles with mostly uphill finishes, which should start to give a picture of how Racing Score works on non-flat courses.

Yippee :hot_face:. I don’t do well on hills​:tired_face:. Looking forward to the challenge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

July 20th’s quartet is a sequence of increasing distance on the Two Bridges circuit.

Can be fun and mix up finishing positions a bit, when racers are racing in their true pen of ability.

But more route variety could help while testing the Racing Score pen allocation (eg. 3.5-6Km of Ven Top; 6Km of Tempus Fugit; 5Km of Road To Sky; 1 full lap of Grand Central).

I think that’s a good idea, having a variety of route types within the same series, will prevent the same people from winning all 4. Need to be a little careful about including hill climbs though as finishing those races within 15 mins will be difficult for lower cat riders.

One of the Zwift Academy races this year is 30 minutes up Ven-Top. Previously time based races haven’t worked with zwiftpower, but if they’ve figured it out then Tiny Races could go with say 8 minutes for all categories.

Or @Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn could consider setting a slightly longer (D shortest - A longest !) race length for each race which would bring about the same result. Obviously a bit more set up work required as well as the Tiny Race Series Details write up each week.

Always seemed odd to me that the racers who require the most recovery actually get the least.

Would tiny race become a ZRS point tank race? You put 4 race in a hour and if you come in last you can lower your points by a lot.