Zwift Hub gearing issue!

Hey there! Just got my Zwift hub classic (a few days before the release of the “one”) I have an issue with lining up my gears, I can’t go to the smallest cog and the chain jumps off from the biggest cog. I’ve tried indexing the rear derailleur, without luck. I am curious if the “one” upgrade would solve the problem. Without having to adjust my gears back and forth when shifting between wheel and trainer.

Other solutions are welcome!


I don’t know the zwift hub, but to me that sounds as though you’ve either got a spacer in the wrong place/missing or you’ve got different cassettes on the Hub and bike

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Hi @Nick_Dehn

I agree with Martin, from the sounds of things the cassette you are using and the one that came with the HUB are likely different sizes.

There are a few options you have, one is to buy a compatible cassette that matches the one on your bike, or its very likely that the Zwift Cog would also solve the issue.

If you need specifics on compatible cassettes, as long as the set is hyperglide compatible, it should work, you’ll want to match up the tooth count on your existing cassette as well.

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Have a look at this video, hopefully answers your question/s

Zwift have been good at replacements/returns so possibly little or no cost for you to change.

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I think the Zwift Cog would solve your problems.

I had the same issues with my 11-34 cassette and I found out that 11-34 cassettes causing problems for many people. As I was struggling with the same things, here are some questions/suggestions:

  • do you have the same type of cassette on the hub as you have on your wheel? For example 11-28 and 11-28. If not: That’s probably the problem.
  • if you have the same type of cassette: Try to play around with the adjustment screw on the derailleur. Turn it clockwise in quartersteps and don’t forget where it was before. Test after every quarter. If it gets worse, try the other direction. If it gets better, you are coming closer (the adjustment screw is the thing on the cable not the +/- screws. Don’t touch them!)
  • is the spacing on your cassette the same? At the beginning I found out that one spacer was missing on my wheel and that the shifting had a set up on this, while the spacing on the hub was different. It didn’t solved everything, but most of the problems. Still had to turn the adjustment screw a bit on the hub.