Zwift Hub Firmware Release Notes

To get the most out of your Zwift Hub, please ensure you’re always using the latest firmware.

Check out this article for info on updating your Zwift Hub firmware.

Zwift Hub Firmware v5.2.0: 13th - 27th September 2023 (Staggered Release)

  • Supports recovery via Zwift Companion app if a firmware update fails.
  • Bluetooth connection parameters updated to improve connectivity stability.

Zwift Hub Firmware v4.0.1: 27th March 2023

  • Fixed HR pairing bug.
  • Calibration accuracy improvements.

Zwift Hub Firmware v4.0: February 2023

  • Auto calibration.
  • Bug fixes.

Zwift Hub Firmware v3.9: October 2022

  • Fixed bug with ANT+ Speed, Cadence, and Power.
  • Fix for HRM bridge reconnecting when out of range.
  • Spin down adjustments.

Zwift Hub Firmware v3.8: 1st September 2022

Zwift Hub Firmware v3.4: 1st August 2022

Zwift Hub Firmware v3.1: 1st July 2022

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