Zwift Hub compatibility with my Focus Izalxo Max 8.8 2021?

Hi there i just ordered a Zwift Hub and later realized that i am not sure if it will work with my bike.

So my bike is a Focus Izalco Max 2021 8.8, here are the specs

just google: foucs izalxo max 8.8 2021 (cant include links here)

Focus bikes use their own thrue axle system called “R.A.T.”, as far as i know Cervelo uses the same system on their newer bikes. The size is 142x12mm

see here for more details of the system:

just google focus R.A.T. (cant include links here)

And does my Zwift Hub ordered from 10-11-2022 include the updated adapter that some people ordered separatly according to this thread. Thread name is : [Zwift hub compatibility with Giant TCR 2021?]

So does anyone know if my bike will fit and work with the Zwift Hub? And if so does it require the updated adapter see the thread above.

Thank you very much!.

Disclosure: I’m not a bike mechanic, but I’ve set up several different trainers with several bikes that use different axles. (QR, 142x12 etc)

I suspect you’ll be fine.

The RAT axle is still a 142x12 so as far as the trainer is concerned, it’s still interfacing with the bike/axle just like it would any other 142x12 - the lever on the non-drive-side and engagement point on the drive-side contact the outside of the bike frame, not the trainer.

A note on the RAT design: it appears you can adjust pre-load on it so if you needed less tension (because the trainer is slightly wider than the wheel, for example), you could back it off.

I think the community would a follow up on how this works out for you.