Zwift Games 2024 - Women Only Races

Not entirely sure to ask… but @shooj do you know if there will be women only races at the community level with separate pens for Cat A through D for Zwift Games? Fingers crossed that it’s not just E pen for all ladies (regardless of Cat) who aren’t elite and prefer women only racing.

If there aren’t fully articulated women only races with all categories, how will women’s results be handled in leaderboards and GC competition in mixed racing? Will women have their own results lists that are filtered?

Thanks for any info on this!


Update: I got the answer through other channels.
No women only races are part of this series at the community level. Women GC list available on Zwiftpower.

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Women’s Races

Late-breaking big news for the ladies: Zwift has decided to hold a set of women-only Zwift Games community races with their own GC competition! They’ll happen on the same dates as the mixed community races above, but only 5x daily to increase field sizes.

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Thanks, I heard that they had a change of heart but forgot to update this. Thanks for doing so, Ian!

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