Tour de Zwift women‘s Race makeup

Hi! I missed the tour de Zwift women’s race stage 7. I want to ride the makeup race, but I can’ find it in the makeup plan. Or are there only group rides and men’s race during the makeup time?

@Kirsten_Hermanns2583 my understanding, and I could be wrong, was there was no female specific races. The initial Tour had 3 group ridges (A, B, and C) where C was a women’s only category and the races were the typical Cat A - D including men and women. Looking at they are only showing Group Rides A & B (no women’s only category) and Races (Cat A - D). If you would like to sign up for a race just select the Category that matches your w/kg.

The initial Tour had a specific women’s race with Cat A-D and extra ranking. I missed stage 7 and would to makeup the stage to complete the women’s race. So now, I have to choose the mixed race (men and women)…but it’s another race ranking (zwift power)…

I missed the Tour de Zwift women’s race 7 too. Sad it isn’t included in the makeup days.